5 Simple & Legitimate Online Jobs for Students

There are many simple online jobs for students & that too without investment where they can earn good money in their free time.

If you are an student and looking for simple online jobs then this article will guide you how to work on many different programs.

Although there are many programs but we will discuss about only those opportunities which is best suitable for students so that you can focus more on your studies.

1. Online Jobs with mTurk

Its one of the best & simple online job for student who are not looking for big earnings. Amazon Mechanical Turk or Simply mTurk has been proved as one of the simple online opportunity where a person can easily earn $200 to $500 per month by working 30 minutes to 2 hours a day.

At present mTurk allows people from US, UK & Canada only so if you are from India or other countries then you can’t work on mTurk.

But there are many sites like mTurk where people from all over the world can join. You can refer this link for other sites like mTurk where you can signup & earn money by doing simple tasks on internet.

You can get paid directly in your bank account or through PayPal for your work in mTurk or other micro jobs sites mentioned above.

2. Earn from Fiverr Jobs

Fiverr is one of most successful program from the last 5 years continuously growing in providing earning opportunities to common people.

People are making money like anything on Fiverr. But as you are a student, don’t aim for high. I will advise you to work not more than 2 hrs on Fiverr. Even in 2 hrs, there is a potential of making more than $300-$400 per month on Fiverr.

And yes, Fiverr is nothing like you will find the work & start earnings. Its something like you have to list on Fiverr that what you can do online for $5. People check your listing & if they like what you can serve, then there is a good chance, they will order your services. For each order, you will make $4.

It does not take more than 30 minutes to complete 1 order. So even if you complete 2 orders daily, you will make more than $250 from this online job.

3. PTC Sites & Online Survey

This one is damn easy but at the same time very low paying online job. What you have to do is create account on all these PTC (paid to click) sites & survey sites. Then login to these sites & click on the ads & view for few seconds to earn money.

Although if you search on internet, you will find thousands of PTC sites & survey sites that will popup in search results but 99% of them are fake. We have tested many of the sites & found some genuine one which we can share with you.

4. Earn from AdSense

This is particularly for those student who are studying technical subjects. AdSense is one of the most used program on internet to make money. This online job from Google is very simple. All you need is a simple blog either on Blogger or WordPress with good contents.

If you search on internet, you will find many students from different backgrounds like engineering, Science, Commerce etc are very successful in AdSense.

5. Becoming an Insurance Agent

This is one of the hottest business in the world. Although its difficult to convince people for taking policy but every policy can give you lifelong income. Everyone needs insurance & only thing you need here to convince your clients is explain them about the needs.

Here is one of the good article on how to become an insurance agent where you can know things like what eligibility you need, how much you can earn & how you can promote this online to grow your insurance agent job.

And yes, one most important thing is that, never think of making money from the first day. Work on one program at one time.

Give your first few days for learning these online jobs & once you understand the concept, you can start earning on these programs. And yes, if you are an student, you are highly recommended to concentrate more on studies & not on these online jobs.

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